Chain of Moments Quintet is a dynamic ensemble comprising five exceptionally talented musicians who share a passion for innovation and artistic exploration. Formed under the visionary leadership of composer Barbara Bruckmüller, the quintet offers a captivating fusion of chamber music, avantgarde, jazz, and free improvisation. As they prepare to captivate audiences worldwide with their distinct blend of genres and styles, Chain of Moments Quintet invites music enthusiasts to join them on an unforgettable sonic adventure, where each performance promises to be a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity...



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Barbara Bruckmüller, the Viennese composer, arranger, and big band leader, has been a driving force in the jazz scene since founding her orchestra in 2009. 
From composing music for silent movies with smaller big band ensembles to arranging traditional Viennese songs in tribute to her late mother, her musical journey has been both eclectic and profound. She's ventured into realms such as writing for piano and jazz orchestra with strings, crafting suites to honor jazz legends like Thelonious Monk, and collaborating with spoken word artist Wadud Ahmad from Philadelphia.
Bruckmüller's debut album, "Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band," featuring predominantly original compositions earning her the German Record Critics' Prize in 2013. In 2017 when she received a composition grant from the Austrian Federal Chancellery. Over the years, Bruckmüller has forged partnerships with a diverse array of musicians, including bassist Christian McBride, Peter Herbert, Gina Schwarz, singer Tony Hewitt, and trumpeter Thomas Gansch.
With her latest project “Three Views of a Piece of Music” in collaboration with the virtuoso pianist Aruán Ortiz, Bruckmüller reveals three different arrangements of her captivating composition “A Chain of Moments – Suite in five Movements”. It is a sonic journey that invites listeners to experience the same musical piece through three distinct perspectives. Each arrangement offers a fresh interpretation of "A Chain of Moments," demonstrating Bruckmüller's remarkable versatility as a composer and arranger.

photo credit by Michal Novak

photo credit by Michal Novak



Aruán Ortiz is a cuban pianist, violist and composer. He has been an active figure in the progressive jazz and avant-garde NY scene in the US for more than 20 years. His music spans a range of musical styles and has been interpreted by contemporary classical and jazz ensembles, dance companies, and in feature films and multimedia works. As a conceptualist and music researcher, Aruán’s music consolidates his Afro-Cuban and Haitian heritage, with avant-garde and progressive jazz, and contemporary classical language.
Since his arrival in the United States, Aruán has played, toured, or recorded with jazz luminaries such as Wadada Leo Smith, Don Byron, Greg Osby, Wallace Roney, Nicole Mitchell, William Parker, Adam Rudolph, Andrew Cyrille, Henry Grimes, Marshall Allen, Hamiet Bluiett, Oliver Lake, Rufus Reid and Terri Lyne Carrington. His recent albums as a leader released by Swiss label Intakt Records, have been featured with rave reviews in major publications in the US and worldwide.
His pianism has been lauded as
-a solid and unique new sound in today’s jazz world,- by Matthew Fiander in PopMatters;
-a genius exercise in the exploration of depth and perception that reveals a bright new wrinkle in the relationship between music and mathematics, reimagining Afro-Haitian Gaga rhythms, Afro-Cuban rumba and Yambú into heavily improvised meditations on modernism that recall John Cage and Paul Bley,- Ron Hart, The Observer;
-one of the most creative and original composers in the world-, Lynn René Bailey, The Art Music Lounge; and
-Ortiz is an experimentalist and a tonal provocateur, influenced by European modernism and contemporary jazz as much as by Afro-Cuban tradition-, Giovanni Russonello, New York Times.

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Joanna Lewis is an Australian violinist. 1985 she received the Carl Ludwig Pinschof Scholarship for study in Vienna, where she studied at the Hochschule for Music and the Performing Arts with Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Gerhard Hetzel and Günter Pichler, receiving a diploma with excellence. Numerous performances as a soloist and together with Lisa Moore, Dave Liebman, Wayne Horvitz, Peter Herbert, Koehne Quartet, Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, Ensemble of the 20th Century, Music On Line, Vienna Art Orchestra, Austrian-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonie, Vienna Concert-Verein, Vienna Symphony, Otto Lechner Quartet, Max Nagl Quintet and Ramasuri and many more.

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The Austrian violinist Maria Salamon studied concert violin, jazz composition and arrangement as well as jazzviolin and sounddesign at universities in Vienna and Amsterdam. She is winner of various competitions and scholarships. Maria has composed numerous works in various styles such as contemporary music, jazz, world music and pop for different ensembles. 
live references (selection): Wiener Konzerthaus (debut 2023), Euro Pride Vienna, Jazz Festival Astana (Kazakhstan), Jazz Spring Bishkek (Kirgistan), European Lesbian Conference, Dunav Art Festival (Croatia), Baked Potato Jazzclub (Los Angeles), Harbin Summer Music Festival (China), World Expo Aichi (Japan), Guatemala City Jazz Festival (Guatemala), Summerwinds Festival Münster (Germany)
composition references (selection): Warner Chapell Music Germany (on- demand film music), Reeltracks (Austria, on-demand film music, arrangements), EarMotion Music (Germany, TV-productions), German Dance Charts (Cécile Nordegg No-Ce Band remixes), Timna Brauer & Morphing Orchestra (Arrangements), Bregenz festivals (composition commission, Austria)

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Magdalena Trobos has been studying concert studies with Firmian Lermer at the Tyrolean State Conservatory in cooperation with the mdw since 2020. She received several first prizes at state and national Prima La Musica competitions and was able to perform as a soloist with regional orchestras at an early age. Magdalena was able to gain orchestral experience as solo viola with the Tyrolean State Youth Orchestra, Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra, Balthasar Neumann Ensemble (Cuban-European Youth Academy), Sonarkraft and others. In addition to her classical training, Magdalena is also interested in other genres such as jazz, pop and baroque music. Important experiences include productions with the jazz trio Drehwerk, de Ensemble repercussion, Anna Buchegger, Howard Arman and Thomas Hengelbrock. She is a member of the inn.wien ensemble, which will make its debut at the Vienna Konzerthaus next year.

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Cornelia Burghardt grew up in an Austrian-Swiss musical family in Vienna.
Since her first cello lessons at the age of seven, chamber music and making music together have played a central role in her artistic career.
After successfully completing her studies in concert and instrumental pedagogy with Rudolf Leopold (Graz University of Art) and with Heidi Litschauer (Mozarteum Salzburg), she increasingly devotes herself to early music, including as a baroque cellist in the Trio Ensemble Parnasse and the Ensemble Fioretto, but also new and improvised music, for example in a duo with cellist Maiken Beer, from 2010 to 2013 as an academic in the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, in ensembles such as Studio Dan or Ensemble Reconsil and in performances with musicians such as Peter Herbert and Georg Graewe.
Cornelia Burghardt is the solo cellist of the Divertimento Viennese orchestra, which, in addition to classical dance music, focuses on the works of formerly ostracized composers of the early 20th century who were forced to emigrate. She also leads a cello class at the “Center for Music Education” music school in Vienna.


press release

*Introducing Chain of Moments Quintet: A Fusion of Chamber Music, Avantgarde, Jazz, and Free Improvisation*

Line up: Barbara Bruckmüller - conduction, composition / Aruán Ortiz - piano, composition / Joanna Lewis - 1st violin / Maria Salamon - violin, composition / Magdalena Trobos - viola / Cornelia Burghardt - violoncello

A new force is emerging in the realm of chamber music, blending genres and pushing boundaries with their innovative approach to performance. Chain of Moments Quintet has officially announced its formation after a remarkable debut performance that left audiences spellbound.

The genesis of Chain of Moments Quintet traces back to a visionary project (“Three Views of a Musical Piece” - February 2024) conceived by acclaimed composer Barbara Bruckmüller. In a bold exploration of musical boundaries, Bruckmüller brought together these five individuals, whose synergy and chemistry were immediately palpable. The result was an electrifying performance that captivated listeners and ignited a spark within the ensemble.
Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response to their inaugural collaboration, the members of Chain of Moments Quintet made a collective decision to embark on a journey of musical exploration together. Fuelled by their shared passion for innovation and artistic expression, they set out to carve a unique path in the realm of chamber music.

At the heart of their debut repertoire lies "A Chain of Moments," a suite comprised of five movements that encapsulate the quintet's ethos and versatility. From the delicate intricacies of chamber music to the bold experimentation of Avantgarde, the sultry rhythms of jazz, and the unrestrained freedom of free improvisation, each movement of the suite showcases the quintet's seamless navigation through diverse musical landscapes.
"The response to our initial performance was beyond anything we could have imagined," says Barbara Bruckmüller. "The energy and connection we felt on stage were electric, and we knew that we had something truly special. We're thrilled to embark on this journey together and explore the boundless possibilities of music as a unified ensemble."

Looking ahead, Chain of Moments Quintet is committed to expanding their musical horizons, incorporating compositions from a variety of sources. Notably, they plan to introduce works by acclaimed composer and featured artist Aruán Ortiz, alongside compositions from the other members, adding layers of depth and diversity to their evolving repertoire.
As they prepare to captivate audiences worldwide with their distinct blend of genres and styles, Chain of Moments Quintet invites music enthusiasts to join them on an unforgettable sonic adventure, where each performance promises to be a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity.

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photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik

photo credit by Vero Kolomaznik



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